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11 kgStainless Steel TubTempered Glass LidTurbodrum WashingTub CleanAuto Restart, Auto Pre-washColor: Free Silver W/M, LG, LG-T2311NSAL, 11KG T/LOAD WASHER

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13kg 6 motions direct drive Auto lint clean system Tempered glass lid

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20 kg Inverter Direct Drive MotorHeater, Jet Spray,Full Stainless Steel TubSoft Closing Door, Wide Diamond GlassAuto Lint Clean SystemLED Touch DisplayStainless Steel Silver

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SMART INVERTER COMPRESSOR MULTI AIR FLOW TEMPERED GLASS LED LIGHTING   5 Star Energy Saving Smart Inverter Compressor 10 Year Warranty LED Lighting Moving Ice Tray

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4 Reasons To Buy 1.Easy Access for your convenience : Door-in-Door™2.Durability + Energy Saving : Smart Inverter Compressor3.Hygienic Freshness : Hygiene Fresh+™4.Longer Freshness : Fresh 0 Zone EASY ACCESS AND UP TO 41% LESS COLD AIR LOSS DOOR-IN-DOOR™ SMART INVERTER COMPRESSOR HYGIENE FRESH + ™

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530 Litres(IEC GROSS)External DisplayWater DispenserHygiene Fresh , Fresh O ZoneFast Freezing,Multi Air FlowMoving Ice TrayLED LigthtingColor:Platinum Silver SMART INVERTER COMPRESSOR WATER DISPENSER HYGIENE FRESH+™ FRESH O ZONE

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7.5kg Baby care LED display 400/800/1200 RPM Inverter direct drive motor Less vibration and less noise 6 MOTION DD, MORE MOTION BETTER CARE INVERTER DIRECT DRIVE BABY CARE

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7 kg Inverter Direct Drive Motor6 MotionDurabilityBaby CareIntelligent Washing System 6 MOTION DD, MORE MOTION BETTER CARE INVERTER DIRECT DRIVE BABY CARE